Public Entities

Representing local governments and public entities in New Jersey is one of our specialties. There are many different forms of government in our state and there are many authorities and agencies created by the state, counties and various municipalities. At KS&L, we are familiar with all of them and handle nearly all of their legal needs.

Collectively, all of the partners at KS&L have over 75 years of experience in handling local government law matters. Every partner either currently serves or has served as general counsel for several public entities.

In this area, we regularly provide General Counsel Services and also provide special counsel in the following areas: labor and employment, regulatory law, environmental law, Open Public Meetings Act, Open Public Records Act, and redevelopment, eminent domain and litigation matters:

  • Civil rights defense and litigation counsel
  • Council On Affordable Housing (COAH)
  • Environmental Law
    • Permitting
    • Toxic Tort defense
    • Appear before New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP)
    • Waste water management
  • Eminent Domain Litigation
  • Employment Labor Counsel
    • Employment Labor
  • Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA)
  • Open Public Records Act (OPRA)
  • Planning Boards
  • Prerogative Writ litigation
  • Public Authority Law
  • Redevelopment Counsel
  • Regulatory Law
    • We regularly appear before the state’s various regulatory bodies
  • Tax appeal counsel
  • Utility/waste water management
  • Zoning Boards
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