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Were you demoted just months after you complained about workplace conditions? Has your supervisor started complaining about your work performance after you insisted on taking your lunch break? Did you lose your status within the workplace after returning from family leave?

The attorneys of Kaufman, Semeraro & Leibman, LLP, counsel and represent employees in New Jersey who complain of workplace retaliation. We also represent employers who have been accused of retaliating against an employee.

Contact our Fort Lee employee retaliation attorneys today to discuss your concerns about workplace retaliation and discrimination.

Workplace Retaliation in New Jersey

Every workplace retaliation case depends on the specific situation, including witness testimony and other evidence. A key issue in any retaliation case is timing — when someone comes back and is immediately demoted, for example, this establishes a “prima facie” or threshold case of workplace retaliation. An example would be where an employee takes pregnancy leave, then when she returns to work, is given a lower position than that which she had before her leave or is subjected to a hostile work environment.

If the employee can show that the timing of their demotion or subjection to poor treatment is suspicious, the employer is then required to demonstrate they had a valid reason for demoting the employee.

At this point, our attorneys will use the evidence in your case to prove that the employer’s “valid reason” for demoting you is just an afterthought on the employer’s part to cover up an otherwise improper discriminatory act.

Experienced, Strong Sexual Harassment Representation

Our attorneys have over 25 years of experience and the knowledge necessary to investigate retaliation and other forms of discrimination on your behalf. We also work with economic experts and other specialists to determine damages and losses.

We have a reputation among our former clients and colleagues for our strong, skilled representation of both employees and employers. We often receive referrals from other attorneys when a case requires our specialized knowledge of employment law concerns. Contact our Fort Lee, New Jersey, employment lawyers to schedule a consultation regarding any employment law matter in New Jersey.

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