Non Compete Agreements

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Do You Have a Case? Knowledge is Power

When an employer or an employee approaches our law firm with questions or issues concerning non-compete agreements, sometimes our answer is, “you do not have a case.” This information is more valuable to a client than a futile lawsuit would be.

The Non-Compete Agreement’s Value to the Employer and the Employee

Non-compete agreements require employees to pledge not to work for competitors for a specified period of time following termination of employment with the employer. From an employer’s point of view, the non-compete agreement helps keep employees in place, protects trade secrets and restricts competitors’ access to workers trained by the company issuing the non-compete agreement.

From an employee’s point of view, a non-compete agreement is worthwhile if a benefit is provided: typically the employment contract and/or a salary meets this requirement.

When Disputes Arise, Consult a Knowledgeable Employment Lawyer

Disagreements as to what constitutes violation of a non-compete agreement often bring employees or employers to our law offices. Employees may claim that a non-compete agreement was unreasonable or did not satisfy a valid business reason. Employers, on the other hand, may claim that the contract was breached when former workers end up on competitors’ payrolls or the workers have taken client lists with them to use to create new business.

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