Hostile Work Environment

Is your employer or another employee making you feel uncomfortable, maybe even making you dread going to work because of his or her inappropriate behavior in the workplace? Are you being treated differently after insisting that you be treated equally?

You deserve the satisfaction of seeing the illegal behavior stop. You may be entitled to remedies including reinstatement in your job and compensation for lost wages if the inappropriate behavior or poor treatment forced you to quit.

The attorneys of Kaufman, Semeraro & Leibman, LLP, counsel and represent employees in New Jersey who are being subjected to a hostile work environment. Contact our hostile work environment attorneys in Bergen County to discuss what we can do to help you feel better about going to work.

What Is a Hostile Work Environment?

Hostile work environment is different from “quid pro quo” sexual harassment. It can be a form of retaliation, when the employer’s attitude toward the employee changes because they’ve taken advantage of a particular right to which they’re entitled. This change in attitude can be demonstrated by:

  • The unpleasant aspects of the job being given to the employee instead of being distributed evenly with other employees
  • The employee may be assigned more work to be done at home
  • The employee may receive more complaints about his or her work

Generally speaking, the idea is that the employer is trying to make the employee’s lives miserable in hopes that they’ll resign. For example, a teacher’s aide who worked in the classroom and went on family leave, was assigned to running personal errands and painting furniture when she returned to work. She was essentially kept out of the classroom — resulting in her indignation and embarrassment because she took advantage of her rights under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Hostile work environment can also be a form of sexual harassment that consists of suggestive comments, offensive visual images being posted around the office, and groping or leering.

Experienced, Strong Sexual Harassment Representation

Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge necessary to investigate hostile work environment and other discrimination claims on your behalf. We also work with economic experts and other specialists to determine damages and losses when necessary.

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