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Have you been charged with mortgage fraud during the course of your real estate dealings? Is the use of a standard business practice in the industry causing you to be investigated by authorities?

The attorneys of Kaufman, Semeraro & Leibman, LLP, represent appraisers, mortgage brokers, bank employees, and real estate developers who are being accused of mortgage fraud.

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Fraudulent Mortgage Schemes

A traditional fraudulent mortgage scheme is the “pump and dump”, where corrupt parties set up a sophisticated scheme to flip the house for $100,000, $200,000, $400,000 — using “straw buyers”, bogus people who do not exist.

Fraudulent mortgage schemes usually involve bank fraud — corrupt bank officials and real estate developers presenting phony documents to banks to get a mortgage that is not affordable. In some cases, attorneys commit outright fraud by stealing loan proceeds instead of paying off an outstanding mortgage. Mortgage fraud may also include appraisal fraud and wire fraud.

In some cases, these types of crimes may be charged as white collar crimes.

The truth is that mortgages and real estate law can be very complex, especially when developers and owners of hotels, shopping malls, parking and office complexes are involved. Sometimes things that look highly suspicious are standard business practice — it only looks like fraud after the fact.

New Jersey Appraisal Fraud Lawyers

Most prosecutors have never done a real estate closing, applied for a commercial loan or developed a piece of real estate. They don’t understand how the appraisal process or mortgage process works.

In contrast, our attorneys have the background in real estate law to prepare a successful defense in mortgage fraud cases. We have been able to have the charges against our clients dismissed completely, or resolved with minor plea agreements.

We are proud of our strong reputation in Bergen County, New Jersey Federal District Courts, and beyond — among our former clients, our legal peers and judges. We are recognized in the form of consistent referrals from other attorneys. Contact our Bergen County real estate fraud attorneys to schedule a consultation regarding your mortgage fraud charges in Bergen County, New Jersey.

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