Fort Lee Drug Distribution Defense Lawyers

New Jersey Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyers

Allegations of drug distribution are a threat to your entire future. A conviction may mean years behind bars and a criminal record for life. A felony conviction may mean that you cannot own firearms, cannot vote and will inevitably encounter difficulty obtaining employment by lawful means for years to come. If your are a teenager charged with a drug crime you should know that it can affect the loans you get for college and career you may choose in the future.

If you or your son or daughter has been charged with possession with intent to distribute any illegal substance, call or e-mail Kaufman, Semeraro & Leibman. Our defense attorneys are prepared to guide and assist you in situations such as the following:

  • Airport drug smuggling busts
  • Allegations of drug possession or selling marijuana, cocaine, heroin or ecstasy at school
  • Allegations of illegal distribution — for pay or not — of prescription drugs such as Vicodin or Oxycodone

Our defense attorneys are confident in their ability to help you obtain a favorable outcome if at all possible. The earlier we are involved in your case, the more options there will be to boldly pursue the most desired result: case dismissed. Other favorable outcomes may include deferred sentences or diversionary plans — requiring your participation in drug abuse treatment, for example.

The prospect of retaining a clean record and moving forward with your life in a positive direction after a drug-related arrest is reason alone to contact us. We have helped many clients before you do just that.

Do the right thing for yourself and your future if you have been charged with a drug crime such as distribution of a controlled substance. Contact a defense lawyer from a well-established, proven-effective criminal law firm such as Kaufman, Semeraro & Leibman, LLP in Fort Lee.

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