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Drug Possession Lawyers in Bergen County New Jersey

One of the most rewarding aspects of criminal defense work is the prospect of saving families, saving careers, and saving futures for people who have been accused of criminal offenses. The accusation alone is devastating. A conviction can ruin a life.

At the law offices of Kaufman, Semeraro & Leibman, LLP, our attorneys boldly aim to get the right result the first time for each and every client whom we represent in criminal defense cases in New Jersey. We work diligently to resolve the charges against our clients as quickly and as favorably as possible.

Contact our Fort Lee criminal defense attorneys for experienced, dedicated criminal defense if you have been arrested or charged with a crime.

New Jersey White Collar Crimes

Some criminal defense attorneys boast of their past careers as prosecutors. With all due respect, we find that our clients appreciate the fact that our defense lawyers have never made a living putting people in prison. Defense work has always been the top priority for our criminal law attorneys.

Since 1996, we have zealously represented New Jersey residents charged with offenses including the following:

  • Drug offenses including possession with intent to distribute
  • Various misdemeanors including simple assault, shoplifting, harassment and motor vehicle violations
  • Assault
  • Eluding the police
  • Fraud
  • Murder
  • Weapons offenses
  • Fugitive warrants
  • Domestic violence
  • Federal crimes

The Question is not “Did you do it?” but “Can they prove it?”

We liken criminal defense work to brain surgery: high-risk, requiring the utmost precision and care. Our clients require vigorous, zealous advocacy in state and federal courts in New Jersey.

Yes, we represent clients who are definitely innocent. We represent others who may have been involved in wrongdoing. But do the charges fit the facts? And if so, what is the appropriate penalty?

We are ready to go to trial to defend our clients. However, we also resolve many cases at the pretrial stage, with favorable results ranging from “case dismissed” to admission of our clients to diversionary programs (drug rehab, pretrial intervention (PTI)), conditional discharge (under section 36 of New Jersey’s Criminal Code), or a federal pretrial diversion (PTD) resulting in no criminal record.

Learn how we can help in your New Jersey criminal matter. Ask about probation, parole and expungement, depending on how far along your case has progressed. Contact our drug possession lawyers in Bergen County, New Jersey, today. To directly contact Marc Leibman, call (201) 947-8855 or email

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