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Fort Lee Municipal Court

With our location in Fort Lee we routinely appear in Fort Lee Municipal Court. We are exceptionally familiar with the practices and procedures of the prosecutors in the Fort Lee Municipal Court. Our reputation for aggressive defense often makes a difficult case easy to resolve. We routinely file suppression motions and litigate cases in Fort Lee Municipal Court. Marc Leibman has successfully handled hundreds of cases in the Fort Lee Municipal Court. The kinds of matters we commonly handle in Fort Lee Municipal Court include: speeding tickets, toll evasion, health code violations, building department violations, zoning violations, fire department violations, criminal charges, every kind of traffic ticket and DWI – both under the influence of drugs and alcohol. If you get a summons in Fort Lee and you want effective representation, there is only one call to make: 201-947-8855 – ask for Partner Marc Leibman.

Palisades Interstate Parkway Police Court

The Palisades Interstate Police Department is an aggressive enforcement agency not known for “giving a warning.” The police officers who patrol the Palisades Interstate Parkway in Bergen County, New Jersey, have earned a reputation for aggressive enforcement. If you get a summons from them you can expect the officer to appear in court when you attend. The Police Department is in the same building as the municipal court. If you have received a criminal charge, misdemeanor charge or traffic ticket in this court you should get a lawyer who can help you. This court also uses its own ordinance violation system which is unique to this jurisdiction. Sometimes these ordinance violations lead to imposition of motor vehicle points if you plead guilty and mail in the summonses.

Due to our regular appearances in this court and our reputation for effective and aggressive defense, we often get excellent results for our clients. If you are charged with a drug violation, motor vehicle violation or park ordinance violation in the Palisades Interstate Park, call us. We can help.

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