Small Business Purchase Sale

Bergen, Essex and Passaic County New Jersey Small Business Acquisition Lawyers

Buying a business often means buying a dream. An entrepreneur with stars in his eyes, brimming with creative impulses, does well to consult with a well-grounded business law attorney early in the process. Contact Kaufman, Semeraro & Leibman, LLP in Fort Lee to schedule a consultation with an experienced business lawyer before buying or selling a business.

When Stakes are High, Insightful Legal Advice is Invaluable

Purchase or sale of an established business may be the largest transaction that a business owner makes in a lifetime. An objective perspective that an attorney contributes along with practical advice and assistance is as worthwhile an investment as is a valuable piece of equipment or a key employee. Success may mean a rewarding career ahead. Shipwrecked plans may mean starting over from scratch.

Sometimes the Right Answer is “Better Not”

As counselors at law, our business lawyers aim to help clients achieve their goals. Sometimes this means steering a client away from a bad idea — such as buying a business consisting of borrowed equipment or property with unresolved liens attached to it. We help clients understand the risks and consequences of potentially bad deals, and create strategic options to avoid such deals.

Ready to Investigate and Evaluate a Proposed Business Acquisition

Our attorneys are experienced and ready to perform the due diligence required to ensure that you make an informed business decision as you prepare for purchase or sale of a business. Our law firm has more than 30 years’ experience drafting contracts, facilitating negotiations and sealing the deals in purchase or sale of businesses for our New Jersey clients.

We welcome inquiries from potential clients regarding anticipated purchase or sale agreements of businesses or commercial real estate. Do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a consultation.

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