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Marc E. Leibman Esq.

Marc. E. Leibman, Esq. Defends Racketeering Conspiracy

For 17 weeks this year, partner Marc Leibman, Esq. defended a reputed MS-13 gang leader in a wide ranging racketeering conspiracy trial held before the United States District Court in Newark, New Jersey.

Mr. Leibman’s client was charged with being the leader of an MS-13 group based out of Plainfield, New Jersey. Charged with 3 counts, the case was vigorously defended for over 3 years. The 17 week-long trial involved 8 defendants, 13 defense attorneys, 3 Federal Prosecutors and was overseen directly by the Department of Justice in Washington DC and over 125 witnesses testified.

Mr. Leibman’s client was acquitted on 1 count but convicted on 2. Government evidence included many cooperating witnesses, cellphone records, cellphone triangulation evidence, and many expert witnesses. Though the trial concluded in June 2016, sentencing was conducted on December 1, 2016.

As a result of in depth research, extensive brief writing, and litigation during the sentencing phase, Mr. Leibman was able to secure a 15 year prison sentence for his client who otherwise was bound to receive the statutory maximum of 35 years. The sentence imposed by the Court was identical to the pre-trial offer made to Mr. Leibman’s client.

An appeal has been filed with the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

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